You are That


There is no objective, no meditation, no one meditating

Before sunrise, and just before sunset, all nature seems to enter a meditative state. Meditating is simply one of the infinite ways that Existence has to experience Itself in this world.

To live life as it is, it constitutes the greatest of meditations.

Our babies, our youngest children and our elders, usually stay in babia once in a while (some more than others :-)), and even we can be surprised by a relative or a friend commenting that we have "left" during a few seconds while we were at his side looking at the pond and the ducklings. Even more frequent are the hours we spent sleeping deeply every day ... almost all of them."Disappearing" from time to time is something absolutely natural. Being unshakeable and impartial witnesses of all the moments of our lives, it is also.

Do you want to start?

Before going to bed, or just when you wake up in the morning, save yourself a few minutes.You can sit comfortably with your back straight, in solitude and silence*, breathe deeply a couple of times, close your eyes and watch as your thoughts pass. Your perceptions and bodily sensations, emotions, memories, the world, the passage of time, mysticism, the universe: all are thoughts arising in you.With love, watch them come and go without qualifying or judging them (do not add anything). Do not reject any, not even the persistent, nor the "negative" or "unpleasant". At first you may forget that you are watching. You may fall asleep if you are short of sleep; )). Maybe, at a certain moment, you realize that you are wandering through the past, the future, the sensations of the body, or listening in your head to reasoning of the type: "And from now what do I have to do?", "Should I feel more calm?", "Will my health improve if I practice often?", "Do I try to change what I can change and accept what I do not?" . Just watch it.

You may discover that between thought and thoug, there is an space. Or maybe not. It may be that the observer (you) becomes the observed ("for you"). You may feel that you exist everywhere. Everything may disappear and only the observing remains. Or not. Just watch without wishing or rejecting anything. You can continue doing it for the rest of the day, whatever the situation.

Everything comes, and sooner or later; it goes. Why not relax and enjoy every moment as it is ?.

*Silence: absence of mental struggle, with or without external noise.  

© Rose Mary & Jack, 2017/11/14

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"And this makes me laugh; hear that a fish in the water is thirsty." 

Autobiography of a Yogi. Paramahansa Yogananda