You are already That  

Sweetfulness ©

What if you unconditionally embrace all the thoughts and all the emotions that you experience: love, well-being, peace, and their opposites; stress, low self-esteem, fear, anger, guilt, anxiety, depression; etc?. What if you loved life whether it was success, failure, illness or health, pleasure or pain?

And if in addition to "being someone for a while", we realized that we are everything without time and without limits ?.

Although, often what happens around us and in the world, it seems very difficult to accept; if we pay attention and stop hanging labels, we can marvel at the glimpse of the loving Great Mystery from which each and every one of our "now" comes. At that moment it is very likely that we discover that we have always had the ability to enjoy without limits the small details, the goodness of the world and its beauty; but that we never have used it.


Many times we think that uncertainty and vulnerability are dangerous, that we must "protect" ourselves and get away from what is not foreseeable and controllable at all costs. But is not it precisely this obsession to obtain "security" that is plunging us into an increasingly profound madness? Perhaps we forget with incredible ease that the body and the mind are ephemeral; and that, it is very possible that our true nature is timeless.

Can we recognize right now that perhaps what we really are includes everything and "is" in everything? That we are at the same time the character that we interpret during a time, the world, the universe, and also Nothing; the most absolute vacuum ... an emptiness full of possibilities never dreamed of ?.


What is very clear is that talking and writing about an apple and having a real idea of how it is, are two very different things. The first depends on our memories and the descriptions of others. The second has more to do with our own and non-transferable perception: the apple will have to be eaten, have the experience of how it is "now" with our current emotional state, the taste we already have in the mouth, the ambient temperature, the environment, the apple variety, if it is bio or not, etc., etc., etc.

Living is always a risk, an uncertainty. And precisely for that reason, it is also something exciting, vibrant: unique. 

Here you have your apple, bite with passion!

14/05/2018, Rose Mary&Jack